How To Increase Sperm Count Safely and Naturally

how to increase sperm countMale infertility is as rampant as female infertility. Even though you may keep hearing that women don’t eat well and therefore are unable to conceive normally, the fact is that male fertility plays a great role in the child bearing problems of the modern times too. Today, with the kind of lifestyle we have, sperm count in men could keep falling without their knowledge. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this decrease in sperm count or increase a low sperm count. But before you can try any of those tips, it is important to understand the various infertility and sperm count issues. Separating the myths from the facts can actually help you make an educated and informed decision.



Infertility Myths

Here are some of the most commonly circulating infertility myths:

  • If a woman is not able to conceive a child, it is her fault and the infertility is to be blamed on her: Male infertility is almost as rampant as female infertility. Though women are often blamed for not being able to conceive, the fact is that it could well be a fertility issue with the male partner.
  • Sperm count is the only thing that affects male fertility. A high sperm count should mean that the man can successfully impregnate a woman: While sperm count is an important indicator of fertility, there are other aspects of the semen and sperm which are also important. Motility, for instance, is also an important indicator of fertility.
  • Male infertility cannot be treated: Unless there is a physiological problem, which prevents the production of sperms or causes the formation of anomalous sperms, sperm count can be successfully increased through several simple measures.

Is Your Sperm Count Just a Number Game?

Male fertility is almost as complex as female fertility. It is a common misbelief that sperm health is only dependent on its number. However, the anatomy of the sperm is also an important determinant of its health and its ability to fertilize a female egg. The sperm count is nothing but a concentration of sperm per ml of semen. The normal sperm count ranges from 20 million sperm per ml – in a semen volume of at least 2 ml. Since semen does contain such large number of sperms, you may well imagine the numbers it would require to healthily impregnate a female.

Sometimes, a man with a health sperm count may still not be able to impregnate his partner. This is because every sperm has to make a long and tedious journey to a woman’s cervix, and through there it has to reach into the fallopian tubes where a female egg is waiting to be fertilized. Typically, in each ovulation, one egg is released. So almost 50% of the sperms are rendered ineffective because they would wind up in the wrong fallopian tube. Some sperms would die before reaching the fallopian tube and if the sperm motility (their ability to travel through the female body) is low, they will never be able to reach the egg in time and fertilization would never occur.

Additionally, the sperm is able to survive for a limited amount of time. So if the sperm and the egg do not meet in a given period, fertilization may not occur. Therefore, it is not only the sperm count but many other things that may cause male infertility.

What Does Low Sperm Count Mean?

Low sperm count is often considered synonymous with male infertility. However, this is not true. Just because a man’s sperm count is low, it does not mean that he is not fertile. Simply put, a low sperm count could mean any of the following:

  • There are less chances of conceiving without medical intervention
  • It may take the couple longer to conceive a baby
  • Intercourse may have to be timed according to ovulation prediction
  • Dietary, lifestyle and health changes may be required to conceive normally.

How to Increase Sperm Count?

All men can achieve a higher sperm count and improve their fertility health. There are simple ways to do that. Here’s what you can do:

  • To improve sperms and increase sperm motility, you should first concentrate on maintaining good health. For that, try to refrain from any kind of drug use. Quit drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco or consume them only in moderation.
  • Eat a healthy diet which is high in protein and low in fats. Consume as much of organic food as possible because this kind of food is low in chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Exercise regularly and de-stress yourself. Yoga and medication are both very effective for improving overall health and sperm count.
  • Regulate the frequency of sex and ensure that you increase your frequency around the time of ovulation. Sperm count is also usually the highest in the mornings, so increase the frequency of coitus from morning to afternoons.
  • Heat can further lower your sperm count and deteriorate their health. So try and avoid wearing tight underwear and lingering in hot baths for long. Also avoid using the laptop by placing it on your lap.
  • Consider using sperm count improving supplements.

Dietary Supplements for Sperm Count

Herbal supplements can be beneficial for those who have low sperm counts. Apart from making these simple diet and lifestyle changes, consuming these supplements regularly can also help improve overall sperm health. These supplements do not contain any chemicals and are completely natural. Apart from that, they also improve overall viscosity of semen and sperm health. These supplements are specifically designed to increase sperm count as well as other key parameters like motility.

These herbal formulations usually contain antioxidants, proteins and other important naturally occurring minerals which can promote sperm concentration and motility. The Sperm Count Increase package designed by Ayurvedic Experts is one such package which can successfully help those who are afflicted with low sperm counts, sub-optimal motility and other sperm and semen parameters. They also help with difficult conditions such as azoospermia where the man has no measurable quantities of sperm in the semen.

This package should be used for 3 months. Consuming this regularly can help increase all of the sperm’s health indicators naturally. They remove damaging free radicals from the body, improve overall metabolic processes and synthesis of proteins. Additionally, the carefully chosen natural ingredients of this package can also improve overall physical as well as sperm health. Since all these ingredients are completely natural, you are treated without any side effects in a completely healthy and natural manner.



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