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ayurvedic treatment in IndiaAyurvedic Expert was founded with a vision to spread the reach and acceptability of traditional Ayurvedic medicines. We have worked very hard to take the Ayurveda and Unani system of medicine to every doorstep. Our unique eMedicine Centre caters to the needs of a vast majority of patients from various cities in India and abroad. Our doctors take hundreds of online and offline consultations on a daily basis from patients of all age group. We have an exceptional track record of treating some of the most chronic and difficult to treat medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, psoriasis, leucoderma, piles, obesity, skin problems and sexual dysfunctions etc which have no satisfactory and permanent cure in the modern medical science. Today as one of the most trusted Ayurvedic Center in India, we have our customer base in more than 20 countries.

Where Else Do You Get A Personal Attention and Customized Ayurvedic Treatment?

Our treatments are 100% customized to suit your individual needs. From online consulting and suggesting you a treatment to regular follow ups by Ayurvedic doctor we always take a personal approach to every individual case. Every consultation we get is deeply analyzed, researched and reviewed by Dr. Zaidi to omit chances of even the slightest error. With Ayurvedic Expert you can be sure of getting the best possible advice and treatment for you or your loved ones.

Over 95% of our patients say they would recommend our services to others. Over 98% of our patients said they would definitely come to us again if they had a health issue in future.

We Are Your Number One Choice For Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicine

best choice for ayurveda treatmentAt "Ayurvedic Expert" we provide a much more advanced form of ayurveda. Our treatments are laser targeted towards the individual needs of our patients. Our herbs and medicines are sourced direct from Himalayas and the way we process our herbs and treatments with our proprietary procedures is still unparalleled in the industry.

No matter if you have a chronic health problem or lifestyle disease or your body needs detoxification, you need to look no further. We have the answer to all your health care needs. Our ayurvedic treatments have benefited countless patients suffering from arthritis, migraine, diabetes, sexual dysfunctions, obesity, skin problems, anxiety and depression.

How We Are Different From Others?

how we are different from other ayurvedic companiesIf you have been searching the internet for a while you may have encountered several Ayurvedic websites, Clinics etc. And every website offers some sort of treatment, medicine or product. Then what is the thing that makes us stand out in the crowd? Below is a small list of unique benefits that you get with us:

1. A unique online consultation process where every person gets individual attention and care.
2. We covers all aspects of your health, disease and lifestyle. This makes sure that your problem is understood correctly and you get the most appropriate treatment.
3. You can send us your medical reports or other details for proper diagnosis.
4. 24 x 7 phone and e-mail support from experienced Ayurvedic doctors.
5. In-house manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines ensures greater control over quality and efficacy.
6. 100% customized tailor-made advice and treatment.

Why You Should Consider Ayurveda Over Other Systems Of Medicine?

Ayurveda targets the root cause or underlying culprit which is causing the health problem. It is unlike other forms of modern medicine which suppress the symptoms and also gives rise to several other potentially dangerous side effects. Ayurveda cures the body and not just the disease. The results you get with it are permanent and not temporary. When a person undergoes ayurvedic treatment he has to undergo a series of specific processes which are designed in such a way to provide permanent cure from illness.

Ayurvedic Treatment Process Explained : Step – by – Step

Ayurvedic treatment involves three stages. These three stages are designed in such a way to provide not only complete cure from the illness but to maintain the health, vigor and vitality. The stages involved are:

1. Shodhan – This is the first stage of treatment where the doctor tries to cleanse the system. In a layman term it can be called the stage of detoxification.
2. Shaman – Means eliminating the disease. This is the second stage where we target the specific disease and the eliminates the root cause that is giving rise to the condition.
3. Rasayana – It is a rejuvenating process which starts after the shaman process. This is required to re-energize the body and to regain the lost vitality due to the illness.
4. Satvajaya – It involves cleaning up the thought process or in other words it refers to meditation and mental hygiene.

Ayurveda – The Nature’s Science Of Healthy Living

ayurvedaAyurveda is one of the oldest system of medicine in the world. For thousands of years people have been getting benefited with its awesome treatments and procedures. The beauty of ayurveda is in the fact that it not only treats the symptom or disease but the person as a whole. The sense of calmness, contentment, serenity, and rejuvenating energy that you get with ayurveda is hard to find anywhere else.

In ayurveda disease is seen as a manifest of the internal imbalance in the "doshas". And the treatment primarily revolves around fixing this imbalance. Ayurvedic treatments are performed in three different ways: by medicines, by diet and lifestyle modifications and by various physical procedures collectively known as "Panchakarma".

Various types of tablets, herbal syrups and powders are used by doctors for treatment in ayurveda. The ingredients used in these medicines are sourced from natural resources. This is the main reason why your body digests them so quickly without any side effects. Most of the ingredients used in these medicines are crude or raw in nature which contain many different alkaloids. So when you use an ayurvedic medicine you also get some additional benefits for your health along with the treatment.

The Origin and History Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest system of medicine in the world today. Its roots take us down to thousands of years back into history. At that time when nothing was available for man to get rid of his health problems the sheer basic instinct of the human mind came into action. Man started searching for a way to cure his aches, pains and wounds. With his curiosity and quest to learn new things he started trying various measures which were available in his surroundings . Man started using tree leaves, mineral stones, animal fat and other natural resources. This started the onset of experimentation and the base of clinical research which today is an established and well developed part of the modern medical science to invent newer drugs and medicines. As time passed by, man started learning what was good and what was bad for his health. This pool of knowledge grew like a never ending sea of information over thousands of years and today the world has this knowledge in the form of ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which is composed of two different parts: Ayush meaning "life" and Veda meaning "science". So it is essentially the "science of life". It is believed by the ayurvedic scholars that health is the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. And whenever this balance is disturbed it presents in the form of a disease. The basic aim of ayurveda is to promote and maintain good health. However it is also offers some time tested and effective remedies for specific diseases as well.

The concept of Prakriti and Doshas

Ayurvedic treatment revolves around two fundamental basics – Prakriti and Dosha.

The unique physical and psychological characteristics of a person combine to give a specific constitution or prakriti. Different people have different types of prakriti and thus they have different moods, behavior and specific needs and characters. The prakriti of a person is unchangeable and it remains the same for the whole life. However what you eat and and how to you digest and excrete can greatly influence your prakriti.

According to Ayurveda, universe is made up of five basic things and so are our bodies. They are:

1. Space
2. Air
3. Water
4. Fire and
5. Earth.

These five basic elements combining in a specific proportion in our bodies to form “dosha”. These “dosha” help our bodies do their day to day tasks and influence every aspect of our health. There are three doshas explained by the manuscripts:

1. Vata Dosha
2. Pitta Dosha
3. Kapha. Dosha

Vata controls the mind, breathing functions, blood circulation, heart and waste excretion (bowel). It is believed to be the most prominent of the three doshas. If you have predominant Vata dosha you are more susceptible to arthritis, asthma, anxiety, heart problems and skin problems.

Pitta plays role in digestive system, metabolism of the food and controls the appetite. People with predominantly Pitta dosha are emotional, get angry quickly, have dry skin, have plenty of body hairs, acidity and high blood pressure.

The last dosha is Kapha which controls body development, muscular growth, strength of the body, weight and immunity. A person with predominant Kapha nature may have asthma and breathing difficulty, cancer, high blood sugar, nausea, indigestion and obesity.

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