Promoting better health is the Foundation’s primary focus. The Foundation’s public education campaigns focus on improving women’s health, promoting ways to reduce infant death and illness by addressing the underlying causes and ensuring that children have access to health care.

We have coordinated many of North Carolina’s most successful public health education programs:

  • First Step Campaign (now Women’s Health) – Promoted the importance of healthy lifestyles for all women of childbearing age.
  • Minority Infant Mortality Reduction Campaign (MIMR) – Addressed racial disparity in birth outcomes in North Carolina, specifically among the state’s African American and American Indian populations.
  • Latina Health – Developed by Latinos for Latinos, provided Spanish language health information and resources.
  • Health Check (Medicaid/NC Health Choice for Children – Promoted enrollment in publicly funded children’s health insurance programs. Also promoted children having a “medical home” for consistent health care.
  • ITS-SIDS – Developed, conducted trainings and evaluated a train-the-trainer curriculum. Now institutionalized, this training is state-mandated for all childcare staff caring for infants in NC
  • Community Grants Initiative – Awarded more than $4 million to 269 public and private agencies from 1991 to 2002. An additional 82 mini-grants distributed in 2009.
  • RICHES (Resources in Communities Helps Encourage Solutions) – 4 year project dedicated to improving the health of women; created a statewide network, shared resources and built the capacity of community-based organizations to promote healthy lifestyles among the women they work with

The Foundation also developed educational campaigns on the benefits of breastfeeding and healthy eating during pregnancy, as well as numerous print and broadcast media materials promoting North Carolina’s Sickle Cell Program, Healthy Beginnings Program and the federally funded Healthy Start Baby Love Plus Projects.