The Hope for our Work

  • Infants are born healthy and thrive after their first birthdays
  • Young adults develop Life Plans to help decrease unintended pregnancies
  • Young adults practice safe sex to avoid getting STDs and AIDS.
  • Parents and caregivers practice the ABC’s of infant safe sleep and reduce SIDS
    • Alone
    • On their Backs
    • In a Crib

We work directly with the public as well as healthcare providers to help ensure that babies in NC live (and thrive) beyond their first birthdays. Our programmatic priorities are aligned with national and statewide priorities to improve the health of women of childbearing age and the safety of infants. We collect, understand, interpret and effectively communicate the complex data and research findings surrounding infant mortality in NC. NCHSF has a long history of conducting research to better understand cultural beliefs, attitudes and practices that impact the health of North Carolinians. Armed with important insights from the public, health statistics and knowledge of best practices, we produce targeted public health education/ prevention campaigns and execute capacity-building programs for community-based organizations from grassroots agencies to large hospital/ healthcare systems.

North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation

  • Adapts research into user-friendly materials for health and human service providers to share with patients and families
  • Provides capacity-building trainings, toolkits and webinars for professional and community-based organizations
  • Creates state-of-the-art electronic and web-based strategies for consumers

In addition, social media such as and , and promotion of the national Text4baby texting service deliver health messages and promote resources for women of childbearing age and new parents. These platforms allow us to easily promote life planning, healthy lifestyles, parenting skills and available resources. Our websites and e-newsletters are accessed by thousands of people annually.

For more than two decades the Foundation has fostered a strong relationship with state government agencies and has worked closely with statewide and local organizations to nurture unique public/private partnerships. Through the establishment of advisory groups and strong interagency collaboration, we have been able to reach out and distribute important health information in mutually beneficial ways.

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation is proud of its accomplishments, but mindful of the work still to be done. Tough economic constraints and decisions have limited statewide resources when the need has increased. More than ever before, an investment in health promotion and disease prevention programs, such as those coordinated by the Foundation, is both critical and cost effective. As we look ahead, the Foundation is committed to educate, provide and lead the way in improving the health and well-being of this and future generations.