About Ayurvedic Expert

about ayurvedic expertAyurvedic Expert is an online venture of Rajshahi Herbal Healthcare. Rajshahi Healthcare was founded in 1960 by Dr. S. M. Mehmood, a well known name in India. Since our inception we have worked very hard to give our patients the best possible health care services in the alternative system of medicine.

Over four decades have passed since we came into existence and still we follow the same moral and principles of our founder which is “SERVICE BEFORE SELF”. We started our organization with a vision to provide the best health care services to the masses. We wanted to take the ancient ayurvedic and unani medicine to every household and to make a mark on the national and international level. Today when we look back we see that dream turning into reality with each passing day.

~ Our Vision ~

“To be recognised leaders and facilitators in the field of Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine”

~ Our Mission ~

“The provision of world-class services, training and processes to maximise the potential of Indian Medicine specially Ayurveda and Unani.”

~ Our Background ~

Rajshahi Healthcare has been established to lead and facilitate the effective implementation of pure Ayurvedic and Unani treatments, procedures and consulting services in India and internationally.

Dr Saleem Zaidi AyurvedacharyaDr. Saleem Zaidi, Clinical Director

Dr Zaidi has a Graduation Degree in Unani Medicine and 6 years experience working as a Herbal Therapist; the last 3 of which have been focused solely in the area of sexual dysfunctions. Dr Zaidi’s primary area of interest has been in the area of face to face communication using assistive technology and internet protocols and he has been extensively involved in this area as a service provider, trainer and professional leader in the health and fitness sectors.

Our team of expert Ayurvedic and Unani doctors is also headed by Dr. Saleem Zaidi.. Our founder Dr S. M. Mehmood still serves his patients in the OPD but his services are now confined to a limited number of patients only. With his son Dr. Saleem Zaidi taking over the responsibilities and workload off him, Dr Mahmood participates more in the administrative affairs of the organization.

Where Are We Located?

Our office is situated in western Uttar Pradesh, at Amroha district, approximately 130 kilometers from New Delhi. Our doctors receive more than 150 patients daily in OPD out of which nearly 30 percent are from distant parts of south, central and west India.

We get patience from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Mysore, Bhopal, Pune, Goa, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Srinagar and many other small towns and cities. We also receive hundreds of online queries from patience residing abroad.

Our Achievements

Our doctors have treated some of the most chronic and difficult to treat conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, psoriasis, gangrene, migraine, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and arthritis with pure ayurvedic and unani medicines.

We have received many national and international honors for our outstanding achievements in the field of traditional Indian medicine. We have also been endorsed by some of the most eminent medical experts in India and abroad.

Today it’s been over 40 years since our success story started but we still have our feet firmly on the ground, our shoulders are tight and heavy with our patients expectations and our eyes are looking up at the sky proudly saying “YES WE CARE DO IT TOGETHER”!

According to Dr Zaidi, ayurvedic medicine is going to be the most sought after mode of treatment around the world in coming future. People are getting fed up with the ill effects, costly surgeries and and inefficacy of the modern allopathic medicines.

People are finally getting aware of the benefits of natural healing and how well they can cure their problems without any side effects. Many of our patients are those who have ruined all their wealth and health after allopathic treatments. Once they lost all hopes they returned to ayurveda and finally got to know how well this natural system of medicine is.

So if you are one of these patients who have lost their hopes to regain health, don’t waste your time and hard earned money on treatments and medicines which simply don’t work. With authentic ayurvedic treatment you can surely be on your way back to good health.


  1. sir,
    अााप जो मेडिसीन बनाते हे उसमें आयूर्वेदिक औषधियों का चुर्ण डालते हे या फिर उसका अर्क प्‍लीज suggest to me
    with regards

  2. Harpreet Singh says:

    Dear sir, I have order for weight gain supplements, which has been received today, so I asked how I can take this

  3. Dear Doctor,

    I have order for Low Sperms / Nil Sperm Count pills which has been received today so i have asked for you how i can take this pills a day.(milk or water)

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