Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

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As you grow older, don’t you find it more difficult to lose weight? Most people who are watching their weight or attempting to weight loss would tell you their ordeal – how they get motivated and then demotivated again. How the weighing scale simply does not move in the direction they want and how every thing they eat simply goes straight to their tummy or their hips.

Weight loss just through diet and exercise may not always be possible. Often, you need that extra push to fight fat and get rid of the stubborn last few kilos. Ayurveda, fortunately, has the answer to your problems.

According to Ayurveda, the food we eat is converted into energy and the toxins are removed from the body. However, if we do not use our body efficiently, these toxins are not removed in their entirety. Instead, these toxins accumulate and then wreak havoc on your body. Ultimately, they cause fat to accumulate in the body as well. This fat is stubborn and refuses to budge – no matter how much you exercise or control your diet.

Why Should You Worry About Your Weight?

In our modern world, where appearances are given a lot of importance, overweight simply costs you too much. It is detrimental for your self esteem – not to mention your health. The more excessive weight you carry, the more prone you become to various diseases and disorders. From joint pain to blood pressure and diabetes, there is no dearth of lifestyle diseases that you may succumb to just because of your extra weight. Overweight is also not good for your mental health. Ayurveda believes that only a healthy body houses a healthy mind. So if your body is not healthy, your mind is not healthy either.

What are the Causes of Excessive Weight?

Obesity is caused due to many factors. However, a sedentary lifestyle and irregular eating habits are the two main causes of obesity. Simply put, if your caloric intake is more than the calories you expend in a day, the excessive calories are converted into fat and stored for later use. However, since you continue to burn less calories than you consume, you may end up overweight. There are other causes of obesity as well. These are:

  • Medical conditions such as thyroid disorders
  • Overeating due to emotional disturbances
  • Depression
  • Genetic constitution and
  • Metabolic disorders.

Ayurveda, Modern Medicine and Obesity

Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss comes very close to modern medicine as far as obesity is concerned. Both Ayurveda and modern medicine are in agreement that obesity is caused due to an imbalance between caloric intake and expending. Both Ayurveda and modern medicine recommend a balanced diet and regular exercise for fighting obesity. However, modern medicine has an entire field of bariatrics dedicated to obesity and weight loss.

This is a discipline in which surgical methods are used to remove excessive fat from specific areas of the body. Surgical methods and machines may also be used for body shaping and contouring.

With Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, you can efficiently cure obesity and get rid of stubborn fat without having to resort to painful surgery, which may often be riddled with side effects. Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss has a three pronged approach.

First, you use herbs for weight loss and slimming pills to mobilize stubborn fat. Then, you use a carefully constructed diet plan for weight loss. Then, to maintain a healthy weight, you make an exercise schedule and stick to it. If there is anyone who says that their weight loss medicine can help you lose excessive weight without any dieting and exercising, they are probably lying to you.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss

Ayurveda has always propagated a wide range of treatments for numerous afflictions with far reaching consequences. Of course, weight loss has been no exception. Today, thanks to Ayurvedic medicines, we find that excess weight can easily be lost without a fuss, that too without any side effects.

Natural ingredients

As is the primary characteristic of Ayurveda, where complete emphasis is placed on naturally available therapeutic ingredients, for weight loss too, the ingredients in question continue to be completely natural with no potential side effects. We specifically mention this because many artificial weight loss pills or other medications, weight loss programs, etc. often lead up to a situation where there are side effects galore. With Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, there are no such concerns.

Below we look at some natural items that commonly find place in Ayurvedic medications for weight loss:

  1. Kalonji – Scientifically known as Nigella sativa, kalonji works very well when it comes to losing weight naturally. In particular, its seed extract ends up doing a world of good, especially when it comes to maintaining ideal body mass indexes.
  2. Ginger – Ginger is another completely natural item that is great for weight loss and hence finds prominence when it comes to Ayurvedic medication for weight loss. Some of its characteristics towards this end include better metabolism of the system, stimulating oxidation of fatty acids in the body, as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  3. Guggul – Guggul works very well when it comes to improving good cholesterol in the system and thus, again happens to find prominence in Ayurvedic medication for weight loss.
  4. Licorice – Licorice is particularly very good for the liver and indeed blood quality in the system, especially thanks to the way in which it manages to bring down triglyceride levels.

There are many other naturally occurring items that feature prominently in Ayurvedic treatment for obesity. The key aspect to understand here is that Ayurveda stresses on the natural and easy ways in which one can lose weight without having to undergo mental or physical stress and strain.

Diet or No Diet?

Once you are on Ayurvedic weight loss supplements, there are no major constraints as far as one’s typical day-to-day diet is concerned.

At the same time, of course one cannot be eating excessive fatty, oily food and then expect the medication to do its job on its own!

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Loss

There are several different home remedies for weight loss that can be used efficiently for shedding a few extra kilos. Some of these are:

  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water, with a juice of lemon squeezed into it every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Fast on honey and lime juice, as this a very healthy detoxification remedy which can effectively help you purify your body and improve metabolism.
  • Soak a teaspoon of carom seeds and cumin seeds each in a glass of water. Leave this overnight. In the morning, bring this concoction to a boil. Reduce the water to half and then drink it early morning every day. This helps prevent water retention in the body.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss

The enigmatic and enchanting world of Ayurveda is full to the brim with exotic herbs that can effectively fight against practically every affliction, weight loss included. Accordingly, in this article, we look at some of the herbs that are renowned for their prowess when it comes to shedding additional body fat for a slim and trim YOU!

Aloe Vera

aloe vera for weight lossAloe Vera has incredible health benefits one of which especially includes assistance in losing weight. The juice of Aloe Vera has been particularly noted to have outstanding ability for inducing loss of excess body weight.

In the case of Aloe Vera, it is recommended that you in turn mix it with other herbs for maximum impact. Suggested herbs include cumin seeds, giloy, and haritiki to name a few. For a good taste as well as to add to the overall impact, you also have the option of mixing in some honey. Ideally, you can take this mix early in the morning on an empty stomach. Soon you should see significant loss of excess body fat!

Curry leaves and curry powder

curry leavesBoth curry leaves and curry powder are potent weight loss inducers. That is the reason, when you are on the lookout for an Ayurvedic solution to excess body weight, it is suggested that you go in for these herbs.

With curry leaves you have a number of options; one is to simply boil them and drink the liquid potion. You can also mix them with your regular tea leaves and consume the resultant brew. Further, you can also add them to your meals, mixing them up with the food that you consume. Finally, you can also go ahead and chew on them raw! Whichever approach you take up, you will discover the incredible impact of curry leaves towards shedding excess body fat, especially thanks to their impact on estrogen (that produces fat).

Curry powder is best consumed with your day to day foods including the possibility of sprinkling over soups and salads. Remember curry powder is made out of a number of spices and herbs such as turmeric powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, and so on, each of which has its unique medicinal properties. Thus when combined together, curry powder definitely makes a powerful Ayurvedic mix that works effectively against excess body weight.


pudinaMint, referred to as Pudinah in Hindi/ Sanskrit, has extremely powerful weight loss inducing abilities, thanks in particular to the way in which it stimulates the gall bladder to release additional bile, which of course makes fat digestion a lot easier (instead of letting it accumulate on the system).

With pudinah, you can make a chutney out of it, combining it with coriander and curry leaves. You can also add some salt and lemon juice for taste. Once done, you can have this chutney with your meals; soon you will see a visible impact in body weight.


There are a number of Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss. In this article we have touched upon some of them. As you delve into these herbs and realize the magical properties that each of them hold – including the ability to assist with weight loss, you will begin incorporating them into your day to day life with greater vigor.

How Else Can You Use Ayurveda to Lose Weight?

Ayurveda is not only about healing herbs. It is also about healthy living. For instance, if you want a healthy life, it is important to eliminate environmental toxins around you. These environmental toxins find a way to enter into your body and harm you in some way or the other. A detox or herbal tea every day can help clear your system and lose weight steadily. Triphala is another herb that helps you cleanse your blood naturally, removing toxins and bringing good health to you. Additionally, you can time your meals appropriately. Eat 50% of your calories at lunch time. Eat a very sparse meal at dinner time. This would help you watch your weight as well.

Why Should you Use Ayurveda?

weight loss before and after

Siren, 38 Years Old. After 9 Months Treatment With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the safest ways to a healthy life. If you are planning to lose some weight, Ayurvedic medicines can surely help you in some way or the other. Whether it is Ayurvedic diet for weight loss or a weight loss treatment, you will find this discipline to be extremely helpful to you.

A weight loss Ayurvedic medicine should also be able to help you. Ayurvedic Expert has been able to create a healing blend of herbs and other natural ingredients that can help fight obesity no matter what its cause is. The obesity package from Ayurvedic Experts attacks the stubborn fat areas like the stomach, thighs, upper arms and hips. While doing this, these weight loss remedies also increases your metabolic rate so that your body is able to utilize any excessive energy naturally. This helps you get rid of even the most stubborn fat with relative ease. However, this Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss works best when used along with proper diet and exercise.



About Dr. Saleem Zaidi

Dr Zaidi is an Ayurveda and Unani medicine expert. He is the medical director at Rajshahi Healthcare and chief online consultant at Ayurvedic Expert. He has been studying, writing and speaking out about the effects of herbal medicines on various diseases for over fifteen years.


  1. aasna.sarwar says:

    Hello sir,can I take Ayur trim during pregnancy or during conceive

  2. Hi Doctor
    I am an unmarried 27 year old girl. i weighs 78 kg. I am suffering from Thyroid and PCOD from last 4 years. I gained 25 kg in 3 years. I have tried almost everything but hardly see effect more than 2-3 kgs in 2 months. I am facing problems in my marriage due to overweight. Please suggest doctor…i need your help.

    • Hi Saima,

      The culprit behind your obesity is PCOD and Thyroid. Unless these two factors are taken care of it is unlikely that you will loose weight. Even if you do, it will come back very soon. So you need to consult a good gynecologist and an endocrinologist for both these issues. If you need to undergo an ayurvedic treatment for this, then we can also help you. Good luck.

      • sayma kapoor says:

        Yes Doctor I will go with your ayurvedic treatment for both of these issues and weight loss. please suggest further procedure.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I m a 45 years lady having height of 5.5 inch and 75kg.
    I m a hypo thyroid patient and taking 75mg of thyroxin per day.
    Driving>60km and working in the laptop is more than 8hrs per day .
    Now fat deposited more onmy heaps,thigh and belly .
    please consult how to make it reduced .

    • Hi N Mishra,

      Weight loss is not as easy as one may think. The first thing you need to do is to change your lifestyle. Since you are also a thyroid patient, chances of you gaining weight are double than any other person having the same lifestyle. Walk briskly at least 5 days a week for 1 hour daily, cut carbs and fat from your diet, give a break every 30 minutes or so while doing your office work, drink lots of water in a day and have a good 8 hours sleep.

  4. I m 24 yrs old girl nd my height is 5″5 my weight is 70 kg I want to loose 15 kg I have high cholesterol problem fatty liver nd deficiency of d ..my fat is around on my belly nd my arms only I walk daily 9 km nd tking only low calorie diet pls suggest me what to do sir………..helpme

  5. Nawang Dorjay Tamang says:

    I am twenty four years old and my body weight is 75. I am fat and I’m having problems with walking and running. Even in the morning when I wash my face and sit for a toilet I feel tired. I sweat a lot, even in winters. I am a lollipop, my upper body is round and lower body is thin. I feel pain in my lower body often. I’ve tried many ayurveda home remedies solutions but no results. Recently I’ve brought the slim sauna belt and I’m wearing it everytime except at night. Is it okay to do this? And also I feel something piercing me near my heart and in my abdomen. What should I do????

    • Hi,

      From your symptoms it seems as if you are suffering from Hypothyroidism. So first things first – go get your thyroid profile tested at a reliable lab and let me know the results. Only after that I can guide you further.

  6. dear sir I am working in service sector. due to my tight schedule I could not able to give time for exercise. now my weight is 71 kg. stomuch n belly weight increased. can you suggest me please how can I reduce this belly weight?
    I m using lemon n honey with warm water. even I walk almost 3 km evryday.

    • Hi Bharti,

      If you are using honey lemon with water and walk 3 kilometers a day and still having excess fat then my first advice is to go to a nearby laboratory and get your Thyroid Profile and HbA1C tests done. There could be a metabolic issue that is causing excessive fat to deposit in your body tissues. If the tests come positive then you need to get treatment for that. if there is no problem then you could use the Ayutrim powder for weight loss.

  7. Juhee Sarin says:

    I am a healthy female, 48 years old with major fat deposits on my thighs & hips. No other major health issue except severe allergic rhinitis. I currently weigh 66.5kg & my height is 5ft 3 inches. Can your treatment help?

    • Hi Juhee,

      Fat deposition at thighs, hips and belly is very common in women. These are the favorite areas where the fat cells love to deposit very easily. And the truth is that it is the hardest to get rid of fat from these areas. But don’t worry, we have developed Ayutrim for people like you so that you can get rid of that excess fat with the help of minimal exercise and no dieting.

  8. I am running 76 years of age.Of late,I have suddenly started putting up too much belly fat,which has increased my weight by almost 7 kgs. and waist
    widening by almost 5 inches making all my dresses almost unusable.I am a patient of COPD and also both cervical and lumbar spondylosis which restricts my movements and physical exercises,though I am on regular routine medication to control any aggravation.I am concerned with my sudden weight gain,which seems to be due to inability to undertake physical exercises.Please suggest some effective Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss,without having any side effects,to affect my conditions of COPD and Spondylosis.Presently,I am in manageably satisfactory health condition ,except for the sudden fat generation around the belly,which is upsetting me a lot.

  9. Neelu bhandari says:

    I am 55yrs old ht 5 2 since 2 yrs I have been putting on wt.i was 62 and now 69 I have done n no of diet plans with result zero. I was on medication for depression am still taking. Now taloprax 10 mg I am a banker but was doing gym and yoga but not now since 3 month due to ankle fracture. Fat is more on hips and abdomen pl advise

    • Hi Neelu Ji,

      I can understand your frustration. But believe me diet plans will do nothing good for you if you rely solely on them. I have seen people doing dieting for years and still getting no results and in some cases getting rebound obesity. The key to a healthy life is to enjoy everything in moderation. Do not go overboard. Do physical exercises and get help from natural herbs that have been known to increase metabolism to burn those extra calories.

  10. Sir I am 37 year old and I am suffering from hyper thyroid and taking 150mg thyroid tablet my weight is 72kg and height is 5 inch can I use ayutrim

    • Hi Sarika,

      You must be having Hypo-Thyroidism and not Hyperthyroidism. You can use Ayutrim with Thyroid tablets. Thyroid tablet is taken empty stomach in the morning and Ayutrim is taken at bed time with a glass of warm water.

  11. After lossing the desired weight, are there any chances of weightgain if i stop useing ayutrim???im 29yr n weigh 66kg..i want to loss around 10kg…should i continue to use ayutrim after i loss 10kg so that i dont gain weight again…???

    • Hi Fathima,

      There is always a chance to gain weight if your lifestyle is not correct. Once you loose your desired weight you can stop taking ayutrim but make sure that you keep focused on your diet and exercise to maintain that weight. There is no magic.

  12. Hello sir..
    I have lots of things to say about me.
    I am 25 years old but due to fat I look like 35 years.
    My weight is fluctuating between 90 kg to 96 kg since 6years. Inspite of gym and diet plan but irregular. It’s difficult for me to control my appetite.
    My height is 170cm. I am having DM type 2 from 10 months.
    But undercontrol by Glimepiride 1mg and Metformin 500 mg.
    But the main Villain is something else.
    Due to bad associations in childhood I started masturbating when I was only 13 years old. For around 2-3 years the frequency was nearly once a day.
    Later on I came to know that its bad for health, So I reduced the frequency nd slowly stopped it but it was too late. My genitals did not develop properly.
    After erection its only around 2.5 to 3 inches long.
    I am suffering from severe Premature ejaculation. As I can stand only 10 to 15 seconds on bed while Intercourse. So my girlfriend left me 3 months ago.
    PME is so severe that even if I am seating on chair or bed sometimes it ejaculates without reason. Don’t ask about nightfalls.
    But no HTN Thyroid reports normal. Oestrogen level increased so got insulin resistance thats why DM type 2 But no family history of any of these at all.

    In coming 6 months I am getting married.
    But I am so afraid because I won’t be able to Satisfy her. And many other problems as well.

    So I request you to please help me.
    I am very depressed.

    I want to get rid of

    Very Short Penis Size
    Severe Premature ejaculation.

    So please prepare a treatment plan for me if you think its possible.
    Currently I am going to take karshan basti treatment from 17th to 25th August.
    After the treatment is over I am ready to follow your instructions and medications strictly.
    I am going to follow a proper diet plan and recently I have joined Swimming classes.

    I have only six months left for marriage.
    So Sir please help me…

  13. My mother is 61 years old.she is having thyroid problem and taking pills from 15 years.she is diabetic and have bp and is under medication.height is 5 feet and weighs 93 KGS.kindly suggest weight loss treatment.

    • Hi Deena,

      As your mother is having several other health issues like HTN and Diabetes I would suggest her not to stop these medications. Since she is obese there is need for strict dietary restriction. She should consult a good dietician for this. As far as weight loss is concerned she can also use our Ayuitrim slimming supplement along with proper diet and medication for other issues to loose weight without any weakness / related issues. Hope this helps.


    Hello Doctor,
    I am 28 years old and now my weight is 75 kg for which i feel uncomfortable to sit in my office and running in morning time. every day i sit at least 6 – 7 hrs one place. So I want to reduce my weight at least 7-8 kg. Kindly suggest me.

    • Hi Nabin,

      AS you might be aware that to loose weight proper diet is essential. So first you should maintain proper diet. Never fast / skip meal. Never. Along with this you may use Ayutrim weight loss supplement to expedite the weight loss process. This will help you for sure.

  15. A.RAMESH says:

    Dear Doctor Saleem, Your answers to the questions asked by different persons are very exciting, and I would also want to use.
    But like all weight loss medicines, I doubt your also may be a failure. Kindly give me assurance .

    • Hi Mr Ramesh,

      Firstly thanks for your appraisal. I try my best to help people get out of their problems.

      Now coming to your query – I can understand your concern regarding effectiveness of the product. But let me tell you this – There is no miracle medicine in this world that can reduce your weight without you being in proper state of mind, without your dedication, without proper diet and without physical exercise (at least for a few minutes a day). Supplements just help you achieve your goals faster and aid to your efforts. So the most important thing when it comes to weight loss is your dedication.

      If you want to loose weight without lifting a finger, I am sorry to tell you that nothing is going to work for you. Any supplement will work for you if you follow the correct process.

  16. HEllo Sir,
    I am 27 years old. My upper body is more overweight than my lower body. My current weight is 74kgs. I want to know if I start taking this medicine , will this reduce my overall body extra fat, or it works only one lower body extra fat ? Sir, Kindly reply soon.

    • Hi Deepa,

      Generally speaking weight loss supplements will reduce your weight (excess fat) from all over the body and not just one or two parts. Its a general process. But at the same time there are parts where fats are stored in much more quantity like the abdomen, hips, thighs, bust etc. So these are places where you will see maximum amount of fat reduction.

  17. I am pcod patient is it safe to take ayutrim lowder for weight loss.

  18. Hi sir, i am 22 year old and i got married 5 mnth ago and i was expecting for baby but docter said if u loose ur weight u will get pregnant. My weight 64 and height 5.1
    Should i use this product or what??

  19. RINKI KUMARI says:

    I am 32 years old my weight 77kg please suggest me how I can lose my weight My body is so heat I m using Black Cumin, Ajwain and methi powder every night but there is no result. Please help me Doctor. I am very frustrated with my weight.

  20. sir,
    i am 26 yrs and 163cm height,but my weight is 70.i have some bumps on my back and my thighs,arms,boobs are big but buttock is flat. So I am so sad about my body structure. I have no confidence and feel ugly to appear in public. Overall my body is soft and spongy type.
    I have PCOD .i heard about ayutrim today. Is it effective for me? i am using a homeo medicine for pcod. So is there any problem or side effect by taking this ayurvedic medicine while taking a homeo medicine?
    Sir please give me your valuable advice.
    Thank you.


    Hello Doctor!

    I too want to loose my weight post pregnancy.. My baby is 2 yrs old and i have tried many things such as yoga, drinks, have not done complete dieting but yes have reduced some diet, but could not get the result.

    I would like to mention about certain problems, such as thyroid (hyper), stones in gall bladder, fibroid in lower abdomen & cervical as well.

    Kindly advice me shall I take your medicine?




  22. Afsha Sayed says:

    Lacting mother can use this product?

  23. I am 30 years old, 5.5″height and 77kgs weight, i want to reduce overall 15-20kgs of weight including the fatty area like tummy, hips, thighs, bops and upper arms. I can’t do exercise. Can you please suggest any remedy which looses weight and also helps in increasing body strength as well helps in increasing head hair volume.
    Please suggest a good ways without any side effects, as i need to plan for a baby next year so don’t want to harm my body.

    • you can use trifala it’s very effective , take 5 gram trifhala in the night before bed and early in the morning with lukewarm water, do not drink tea or coffee, eat clean diet (without fat ) take salad in your dinner with chapati , increase fiber in your food by using daliya or fruits , you will lose 10 kg in month

  24. Sangamesh A says:

    Hello Dr. I’m 30 year old my height is 5 ft 5inch. And weight is 69kgs. In old days I’d been going to gym and left 2years back. Now my tummy, thighs are so fatty… i want lose it now by using Ayutrim. Is there any side effects and any chance of regaining of fat after loosing the weight…?

    • Hi Sangamesh A,

      Ayutrim is a 100% natural product based on herbs only. So chances of any side effects are non existent. It will definitely help you loose weight and stay slim for years.

  25. Hi sir.
    Am keerthi my height is 5.0 and my weight is 54 . After consulting a doctor she said I hav pcos . Can u pls suggest me the good medicine to reduce my belly fat . And I hav done en number of dieting bt no use in reducing my weight . Doctor has also said me tht if I reduce my weight a little thn my menstruation problem ll be good for every month … plsss suggest me

  26. Hi sir,

    I am 33 years old and have 2 kids. my height is 5.4″ and weight is 75 kgs. After 2nd delivery my weight didn’t come down at all. I have both normal deliveries. I have hypothyroid and taking 75 mg tablet everyday. Please suggest how to reduce. presently, I am not feeding my baby. she already turned 1 year old.

  27. Amit Talwar says:

    I am using the Ayurtrim supplement since the last 2 weeks. I can feel slight reduction in my weight. Please advice if additional medicine is required for quicker results..

    • Hi Amit,

      You need no other medicine. Just be consistent with your medicine (ayutrim), eat right, do a little bit of exercise and you are all set to realize your goals are not that far away.

  28. Hello sir,

    I am 28yrs old and my weight is 58kgs
    I tried using all home remedies like curry leaves cucumber alovera mint leaves lemon haney warm water apple cyder vinegar ginger ajwan but no results…
    Heavy fat is accumulated on my tummy n belly ..which is making me frustrated
    And after having all these home remedies I got kidney stones and other skin related problems because of excess heat…plz suggest me geneiun remedy to solve my problem .
    And also am heat body …so don’t suggest any ingredients which contains heat

  29. soumitra ghosh says:

    hello sir,
    i soumitra ghosh, age 43 yrs weight is 85 kg+. i am unmarried. how should i reduce my body fat,and sleeping heavy noise. i am so worried with my present problem. please suggest me ,what should i do. with thanks
    soumitra ghosh
    bhagalpur, bihar

  30. Shantanu R. Bagaitkar says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am 33 years old. My height is 5.5″. I recently detected diabetes. Actually I reduced 10 kg from past 1 year by walking exercise. But now it stuck to 80 kg from last 2-3 months. My target is in between 68-65 kg. I wanted to lose my tummy very fast. Which is best supplement for me without any side affects.

  31. Tanushree t says:

    I have been suffering from weight gain issue fro last ten years of my life and it seems I have stopped enjoying my life due to this ongoing problem to which I have tried to look into by way of exercising crash dieting calorie controlled diet to protein diet to lipo suction to anything and every thing related to on market for weight loss but every effort has gone in vain.., yes my stress level has always been high and I am generally very hyper and restless and have short temperament. One minutes I will feel hungry enough eat a horse and on the other minute I can stay starved all day. Plz if u have any genuine product to help me loose then help me and guide me but I am not able to do Misbah exercise due to chronic fatigue I developed after dengue fever in 2011. And had two operations umbelican hernia and colon slipped from its place but now everything has been safely done but my weight is still a big problem of my life. I am 5 foot 5″ and I weight 212 pounds and I did I loose 25 pounds in weight but it all came back straight away. It seems something does not let the fat melt inside my body no matter what if I,

  32. Nishtha says:

    I am 29yr female.my height is 169cm and my weight is 85kg.I have a PCOD.please suggest which medicine I should use for weight loss.I am going to get married in next 6 months.I am on crash dieting still no results.please help me.

  33. Sachin says:

    Hi ii sir , I am 32 years old and my weight is 82 kg. And I want loss my weight please suggest me can I get the ayurvedic medicine .

  34. my hight is 5’11 and my weight is 89kg. according to medical standard what is normal weight for me and I have excessive fat on my chest plz suggest me any medicine to reduce my chest fat.

  35. My age is 19 and i m having very heavy thighs and butts my height is 5’11″and my weight is 94 i want to reduce my thigh fat what should i do

    • Hi Aman,

      Apart from doing regular exercise, and maintaining a good diet you should also take a good herbal supplement that helps you burn more fat. Remember you are too young to have 94 kg body weight. If this is the cases, and you do nothing about it, you are prone to get several other health problems very early in life.

  36. Hi Sir,
    Could you please let me know a best medicine for weight loss. Iam only 26yrs old and my weight is around 85 KGS. Request you to kindly suggest some good ayurvedic medicine if required.


  37. mahi goyal says:

    Hi ii sir , I am 32 years old woman, and my weight is 82 kg. And I want loss my weight please suggest me can I get the ayurvedic medicine .

  38. Hi sir,
    I am 36 years old man, i saw your blogs and i am interested to try your ayurvedic medicine for weight loss. Actually i am 5.3 ft height and weight is around 87kg. Most important think i am staying in abroad please suggest me that how can i get the medicine…..?

    Waiting for your reply.

  39. Sir
    I am 37 yrs old, my weight is 54.8kg and my height is 5.4″.I want burn my thigh and my stomach fat as much as possible .please advice and suggest some medication or treatment for this.

  40. Amin Dayala says:

    Hello sir, my mother is 61 year old her appetite is not more but her weight is running 85 kg her highest is 5’3″, actually I want to loose her weight, right now is she medically fit there is no any physical problem what should we do .



    I am 49 yrs. old, teetotaller and very restrictive in my diet(Vegan) and still my weight is 106 kgs and it is not coming down. My B.P Sugar levels are absolutely normal. Nowadays i feel the weight while climbing the steps. I want to put down the weight before it is too late. Your advice on this.

  42. Sir I am 23yrs female my height is 5.1 and my weight is 70kgs I want to reduce weight which medicine can I use and which don’t have any side effects

  43. Bimal Kumar says:

    My mother is suffering knee pain due to obesity as doctor said. He is continuing slimming pil of Vital Care herbal company since 6 months but their is no effective result yet. please advice me??

  44. Sir, I am underweight, and my penis is soft, no good blood circulation, i early get discharge also i felt urinary frequently, which product we should use

    is Mucuna Pruriens Powder work

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