Customized Ayurvedic Packages

ayurvedic packagesWe introduce for the first time in India the concept of “CUSTOMIZED TREATMENTS”. Till today you could only find generic herbal products and services being offered online. But what if you need something extra? What would you do if you need a completely tailor-made and customized treatment approach to cure your health issues permanently?

If you think getting a customized Ayurvedic treatment from the best Ayurvedic doctors is not possible because you dont have the time to visit them, think again. Now you too can get all the benefits of a fully customized treatment right at your doorstep. With our customized ayurveda packages its now possible.

How does it work? What’s the process?

Getting a customized treatment is as easy as 1-2-3. Just purchase a package of your choice, pay for it and send your details through a simple health assessment form. That’s it. (You can see all our available packages here.)

We first review all your details carefully and then formulate a completely customized package for you. Our packages are composed of HIGH QUALITY, PURE AND CONCENTRATED AYURVEDIC MEDICINES. The combination of medicines in a package is carefully chosen by our doctors according to your personal needs. Before formulating your package we review all your health conditions, symptoms, severity, duration, related symptoms, other concurrent health problems, psychological state of your mind and the lifestyle status. This ensures that the treatment is covering all the required areas of your health and disease and you get cured fast and safe. We also test every medicine included in a package several times over different parameters to make sure that there is no chance of treatment failure.

The medicines are made in-house at our own WHO GMP certified labs. Right from selecting the ingredients, purifying and processing them after three stage rigorous quality checks, we maintain the highest standards of quality control and hygiene. Each and every package we manufacture is always untouched by hand at every stage of the process.

Our team of expert Ayurvedic doctors have worked very hard researching, experimenting and testing each and every medicinal ingredient used in these packages. So you don’t need to worry about anything. We have done all the homework for you. Just start using our specialized treatment and see how hard we have worked to give you nothing but the best results!

Who Can Use These Ayurvedic Packages?

Anyone having a health problem can use these packages. These treatments can be of help if:

  • You are taking regular treatment but not getting desired results with it.
  • You are worried about the side effects of allopathic medicines.
  • You want 100% natural, safe and pure ayurvedic medicines.
  • You want to permanently cure your disease and not just suppress the symptoms.
  • You are healthy and want to remain healthy for years to come.
  • You want to maintain your fitness and youth.
  • You have alarming symptoms of a disease in the initial stages and you want to get rid of them.
  • You have been taking allopathic medicines for years and your system needs detoxification.
  • You have tried all treatments and nothing seems to work for you. You have lost hope and you are confused. Such patients must try our treatment once.

How The Customized Treatments are Better than Other Ayurvedic Products?

You may have seen several newspaper and television ads claiming to cure one or the other disease within a few days. These products and services are good too but what if you have a complex set of symptoms and these simple products fail to provide any relief. This is when you need a 100% customized, tailor made treatment packages which can cure your illness permanently. There are several advantages of using a customized treatment:

  • A customized treatment covers all your symptoms and disease as a whole. No need for any other medicine or treatment unless otherwise suggested.
  • Customized ayurvedic packages are highly specific to your body type and temperament. Ensures the best results with virtually no side effects.
  • Ensures permanent cure and leaves no chances of relapse / recurrence.
  • No need to visit an ayurvedic doctor personally. Stay at the comfort of your home and get a 100% customized treatment at your doorstep. We handle all the process online with same or even higher level of attention and care.
  • Guaranteed results and money back guarantee*.

PS: Although you can find almost all major diseases covered in our online ayurvedic store but if you have a more complex problem or a set of two or more diseases or you have any confusion, we suggest you to first contact us. Our doctors will personally review your details and suggest you a proper treatment.


  1. sudhakar says:

    Hi i am Sudhakar i have premature ejaculation problem. i have erection but when i do the intercourse i cant withstand more than a minute. I tried i all the stuff in the market like L-arginine, Tribulus, ashwagandha, dabur shilajit and many more but it doesn’t work for me. At last i came to know you through website, as a last chance i would like to try your product. Kindly advise me a solution for premature ejaculation and penis enlargement.

    • Dr. Saleem Zaidi says:

      Hi Sudhakar,

      Try our premature ejaculation package once. I am sure you will get the desired results.

  2. I’m 24yrs old. I’m masturbating since last 10 yrs & I have penis size of 4″ in erect state. Also, due to excessive masturbation i’ve developed P.E. issue and I’ve become completely weak and got absolutely no stamina left in me. I’m planning to get married in couple of years but before that I want to get rid of P.E., low stamina and short penis size issues. Please guide me a correct remedy or medicines with any diet tips & excersize tips. And, can I take those medicines which you’ll prescribe me before getting married(i.e. not having sex during those medicine intake days as I still have time to get married). Also, will the medication to come with some side effects and will it be long term benefit to my all the issues or as soon as medicine intake course is completed I’ll start suffering the issues again due to no intake of medicines.
    Lastly, I want to ask you about COD method if available for payments and I don’t want my family members to know about this medicine intake so is it possible that the delivery guy gives the medicines only to me in hand.

    • Hi Faiz,

      For increasing the size and power / stamina you should be looking at the All In One Package. We do have the COD option. You can choose it when you checkout. The delivery is discrete. You get sms alerts for the movement of your parcel. The parcel is packed in plain packaging without any logo, website address, or product name over the outer packaging.

  3. Hello Sir
    I have ordered All in one sex package.. Can i take these medicine with Low sperm count medicine package.

  4. I purchased extra power and Penni’s enlarge package but I have problem of pre ejaculation . So what combination should I purchase

  5. Hallo sir i am 37years old. Married.chidlren. so happy small family. But my penise sige before erraction 3 inches after 5 inches but my feelling my partner sometimes not satisfied. I feel it i want 7-9 inches long 2 inches wide penice. Any saggestion pls…

  6. Sonal lal says:

    Hello Saleem Zaidi sir,

    I am overweight from childhood (10yrs) .I am married from 7 yrs and even after delivery (C-section) at age of 34 I am 103 Kgs with thyroid, PCOS, BP issues. Please tell me the medicine suitable for slow and effective weight loss. I also have facial hair problem which I would like to get rid off. Request you to tell me the medicine which does not effect lactation.

    • Hi Sonal,

      It will be a very tough job for you to loose weight since it is from your childhood. PCOS and thyroid also make you obese. The facial hairs are due to PCOS. If you have any reports / prescriptions please share them with me and I will see if anything can be done for you or not.

  7. Hello Dr. I am 35 and my spouse 34. We have a pretty daughter 7yrs. We got married 2004. After 6 yrs marriage we could able to give her birth. That time we checked up to dr. result showed my sperm count was low 3.5mill/ml. Dr. Prescribed me medicine which i had used 1 month. After 1 month my wife got pregnant. When our child age was 3.5 my wife got again pregnant but we had abortion. After abortion 1 month again abortion because there was no cleard abortion first. After that I mean from 2013 to end of 2016 my wife having OVERL L for the pregnant stop. Now we want give another child. My wife left overal L from November 2016. But till now she couldn’t get pregnant. What can we do sir? Looking forward to ur effective response. Thanks.

  8. Hi
    I want to loose my weight at least 10 kg. I looked at your product Ayurthium. I tried to order online but I can’t. Because I live in New Zealand and there is no option for this country. How can I order. Also I have no PayPal account. Can I do internet banking.
    Thanks !

  9. nijam saif says:

    Hi I am Nijam saif… I m 25 year old. But I m so thin I want to increase my weight in minimum Tim.. price doesn’t matter… mostly I tried everything but no results.. please let me know.. what do I do now…
    Tell me best medicine

  10. Amit Bahl says:

    Good Day Doctor,

    My self Amit, married to last 5yrs with no child. My age is 37 yrs and my spouse age is 36 yrs. I have low sperm count with low motility as defined by doctors. The motility is about 42% with progressive motility of 26% and non-progressive motility of 16%. We have undergone IVF twice but all in vain. Please suggest the medicines for improving the sperm count and motility. Please help.
    Please communicate on the e-mail id provided. Also, require your contact details for any further communication.

  11. Hy sir plse give this a seriousl thought
    My self Rohit ..19 year old young boy..nd btech student ..due to habit of masturbations frm past few years I am suffering from excessive NIGHT FALL(wet dreams ) I stop however night fall occurs 2-3 time in a week.
    Sir I tried almost every thing to control my night fall..I mean..I tried many ayurvedic medicines like shilajit,Nf cure ,ashwagandha ,sawed musli..all come inside Nf cure capsules..I take these herbs fr 2 month exactly bt sadly sir 🙁 nothing happed night fall izz as it iss I am hope less sir..I already spend lot of money in these ayurvedic herbs ..with no results..
    I am very depressed sir due excessive night fall my health become worse ..
    Now plse sir tell me what can I do now..
    Now I have almost zero hope ..for stoping my night fall….:(

    Sir don’t tell me that night fall izz normal or anything like that..I know if NF occuer in limited amount iz normal..
    Now plse sir..tell me some genuine solution for this… 🙂

  12. I am 35years old. I am 6’3” height and 107kg weight. I have diabetics and trying to cure it in many ways. Even i used allopathy and homeopathy. When i used these my blood sugars are normal and when i am not used single day again it is raising before is 230 and after is around 240 – 280. Is there any solution to cure permanently.

  13. Priti Agarwal says:

    I am 45 years old and my height is 5ft and I weigh 72 KGS. I need to reduce weight as I am having problems of continuous knee n ankle pains after I have undergone open surgery for removal of my uterus n ovaries 2 years back . Please suggest me n guide me what to do . I want fast results as due to gaining weight my problems have increased.please reply as soon as possible

  14. Vivek kumar Srivastava says:

    I need more .medicine plz give link.

  15. Ranjana Sidhu says:

    Sir,I m 22 years old ,my weight is 70 kg and ht is 5’3″.I have put on so much of weight. I just want to know dat if I use this ayurvedic medicine than how much will I loose in a mnth and do I need to take the medicine empty stomach or after a meal and how many times I’ll hve to consume it.Pls tell .I’ll b very thnkful to you for ur kind suggestion.

    • hi Ranjana,

      You can expect about 4 kg loss in the first month and then about 2-3 kgs in the subsequent months. If you have some medical conditions like diabetes or thyroid or PCOD etc there may be some issues with the results since you also need to go for medical treatment of these problems separately.

      You need to take it just once a day at bed time with a glass of warm water.

  16. Sir,I have a problem of nightfall with IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) can I take the cured nightfall package of your Ayurveda , I have also taken ayurveda medicine for IBS

  17. M MANIKANTA says:

    Sir I am Manish Sharma. I am 27 yrs old I have a big problem of PE. MY PENIS size is average and I ejacuate very early. I don’t get strong erection Pls suggest me with a magic product of yours so that my penis size is large. I last at least for 20 mins for intercourse and I should also have rock hard elections. Pls suggest me which one should I go for. Reply desperately awaited

  18. अजित कुमार says:

    महोदय जी, मेरी शादी के 3 साल हो गये लेकिन अभी तक बच्चा नहीं हुआ, कृपया कुछ सुझाव बताये ।

  19. सर मेरी मेंरीज को 3 yr हो गए है और टेस्ट में निल स्पर्म आ रे है
    ट्रीटमेंट भी करवाया एक साल से पर कोई फर्क नही पड़ा
    plz मुझे suggest करे

  20. SAGAR JADHAV says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing the nightfall problem from very long time and due to this my body becomes very weak,sir I need your suggestions and also I need to know which package I use from your packages and for how long time it will be used.please sir suggest me

  21. Ms. Shah says:

    hello dr.
    I am having PCOD. Due to that I am getting affected with multiple inter-related problems like scanty menses, due to which lot of heat goes towards head and result into xtrem hairloss..seba on scalp ,anger, depression, anxiety, weight gain, acidity, inflamation in whole internal body, ageing process fast, imbalance harmones. kindly, guide n help with your sugetions n opinion.

  22. sandeep bhardwaj says:

    महोदय ,मैं काफी समय से under wait के समस्या से गुजर रहl हूँ .ै .दवा कितने महीने लेना है .कृपया समझाएं .धन्यावाद. i am 24 year old my wait 49 hight 6ft

  23. Sir I am facing the nightfall problem from very long time and due to this my body becomes very weak,sir I need your suggestions and also I need to know which package I use from your packages and for how long time it will be used.please sir suggest me

  24. sadiqnec says:

    sir I ordered all in one package on 11-07-2016 till now I didn’t received my pills.

  25. Long lasting products

  26. Amit kumar says:

    sir i am married and for four year and i haven’t any child. i test my semen and get low sperm count. i need a child. so please suggest a best idea and medicine to improve low sperm count.

  27. smt. asha vishwakarma,38 yrs. says:

    महोदय ,मैं काफी समय से मोटापा के समस्या से गुजर रही हूँ .यह समस्या सिजेरियन के बाद हुआ है .पहले मैंने अल्फावेल्नेस क्लिनिक से इलाज करा रही थी .कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ .आपके दवा की क्या गारंटी है .दवा कितने महीने लेना है .कृपया समझाएं .धन्यावाद.

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