A Delicious Recipe That Can Improve Men’s Health Tremendously.

sexual health foodHave you been feeling tired, exhausted and low on energy all the time? Do you find it difficult to “turn on” in bed? If you are not satisfied the way you perform in bed, this 10 minutes easy to cook recipe can do wonders for you. Read on to find out how?

What this dish will do for you?

  1. Improve libido
  2. Increased sexual desire and more “hunger” to have more sex.
  3. Improvement in premature ejaculation – you will last longer for sure!
  4. Overall health improvement.
  5. More energy and lesser fatigue.
  6. Better skin complexion and hair health.
  7. Better metabolism.
  8. Weight loss – You can substitute one major meal with this dish.
  9. Better bone health
  10. Improve sperms count and semen volume and make it thick.

What it wont do for you?

There are several benefits of using this dish as mentioned above but bear in mind that this is not a medicine and does not cure, treat or rectify any illness that may otherwise require medical treatment. If you suffer from a serious illness (sexual or non sexual) you may need one of our high quality ayurvedic products. For ED you can try Xtra Power Capsules, if size is what you worry for try Xtra Large. We also have special packages for premature ejaculation and low sperm counts.

Okay, so what are the ingredients?

  1. Almonds 250 gm
  2. Pistachio 150 gm
  3. Wall nut 500gm (if you have only the usable part of it (Akhrot Giri) then 250 gm is required.
  4. Coconut powder 250 gm
  5. Raisins (Chuhara Black Variety is better)
  6. Pinus gerardiana (chilgoza ki giri) 250 gm
  7. Cardamom seeds (choti ilaichi ke beej) 50 gm
  8. Paancho Magaz (you can ask your dealer if you dont know) 250 gm
  9. Kishmish (250 gm)
  10. Makhana 500 gm
  11. Misri / Sugar Powder as per taste
  12. Desi ghee 250 gm
  13. Milk (full cream)

How to make it?

You need a good quality mixer grinder to process all these ingredients. I suggest you buy Sujata Brand of mixer and grinder if you need to buy one for it, its really great at its job, otherwise if you have any other brand of grinder and it works fine, no problem, use that.

Put all the ingredients from item no 1 to item no 9 (as in the list given above) in the grinder pot and grind these to make a paste (the paste will not be very fine but granular in consistency, that’s just fine. don’t waste your energy to make it finer). If the pot is small and all of these ingredients can not be grinned in one go, don’t worry, use smaller batches and grind them one by one.

Once you have this paste handy, keep it in a secure jar and refrigerate to preserve as this will typically last for 1-2 weeks.

Now take one tablespoon of this paste and shallow fry it in desi ghee (1-2 teaspoon is sufficient). Take some makhane and fry them too on slow heat with desi ghee. Put the fried mix paste in a glass and pour milk over it. Mix sugar to taste. Mix the fried makane in it and stir with a spoon. By the time you do this the smell of these dry fruits will make your taste buds feel the aroma and your mouth will be full of water. Now your dish is ready to serve. You can eat the makhane soaked in milk with a spoon and then sip the liquid hot drink to have a great taste. Enjoy!

When should you have this?

The best time to have this amazing dish is empty stomach in the morning (before breakfast) but you can have it almost anytime you wish.

Now that you know how to make this dish yourself, go to your kitchen and make it with your own hands. Believe me you’ll love it.

If you have queries, suggestions or you wish to share your experience post your queries in the comments section below. I am curious to know how did you like it?

About Dr. Saleem Zaidi

Dr Zaidi is an Ayurveda and Unani medicine expert. He is the medical director at Rajshahi Healthcare and chief online consultant at Ayurvedic Expert. He has been studying, writing and speaking out about the effects of herbal medicines on various diseases for over fifteen years.


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  2. No it is not advised to be taken by lactating mothers.

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