Femens Plus Pills


Femens plus is natural uterine tonic for women of all ages. It is very useful in all types of menstrual irregularities.

One Month Supply INR 1950 Only


Are you one of those women who go into hibernation for those 4-5 days every month? Painful menstruation can keep you from following your everyday routine. Whether you are a young girl or a grown, middle aged woman, you could still suffer from painful periods. Fortunately, there is no reason why you should suffer from them for the rest of your life. There are Ayurvedic remedies to help you with your problems.

Femens plus is a great uterine tonic that helps strengthen your uterine muscles and your overall pelvic floor. It also helps flush out toxins from your uterine canal, ensuring healthy functioning of the muscles. To expel the uterine lining, the muscles in the uterus contract and expand. This is what usually causes cramping in the lower abdominal region. Regular use of Femens plus can help make these contractions much more comfortable, therefore offering much relief during your menstruation.

The natural herbs and extracts used in this Ayurvedic formulation are extremely potent and will help you see drastic improvements in the first cycle itself. However, for long term results, you should use this supplement for at least three cycles. Soon, the cramping and pain in your lower back, legs, and lower abdomen will begin to decrease, till you feel completely fine during your periods. The supplement can help regulate the flow of blood so that you have even flow all 4-5 days of your cycle. It also breaks down the clots so that you do not have any vaginal pain during your cycle.