Leucorex Pills for Leucorrhea


Lecorex is a completely safe and herbal based remedy for leucorrhea.

Leucorex cures leucorrhea and the associated symptoms like back pain, body weakness and irritability.

Buy one month supply of leucorex pills (two bottles containing 30 capsules each) for just Rs 1950.



Tired of the foul, white colored discharge from your vagina? This discharge and its foul smell are not only embarrassing, but also extremely uncomfortable as they may cause you a lot of itching as well. Leucorrhea is a very common condition among women and usually recurs several times. Some women learn to live with it because they think there is no solution to their problem. Unfortunately, they never learn the truth about leucorrhea.

The truth is, leucorrhea is extremely treatable. Most of the times, women experience recurring infections because of poor health and nutrition or low immunity. The vagina is an extremely sensitive organ of the body and has a very delicate chemical balance which should be maintained at all times to prevent infection and disease. Leucorex is an ultimate strengthening supplement that improves your body’s natural immune system, helping your body fight infection naturally. As the body defends itself against infections, your natural vaginal flora will remain intact and you would not experience any viscous, foul smelling discharge down there.

So in a way, the herbal ingredients in Leucorex prevent recurrent infections in the female body and ensure that the pelvis remains healthy and free of any infection. The supplement also promotes conservation of the vagina’s natural flora, so that it keeps the vaginal pH optimal for optimum health. You would not longer have to spend endlessly on vaginal creams, supplements and panty liners. You can also remain healthy and feel fresh down there. Say goodbye to permanent wetness in your nether regions with Leucorex and embrace a more vital, active and confident lifestyle.