Safed Musli Powder (100 Grams)


Buy 100 grams of pure safed musli powder.


Safed musli is the most potent, naturally occurring aphrodisiac, which is the best remedy for any kind of sexual dysfunctions. If you have been feeling a lag in energy and are never up for a romp in the hay, this is the perfect supplement for you. The right treatment for any kind of sexual weakness, this herb is suited for safe consumption by both males and females.

In males, the leaves of safed musli can be used to improve sexual function, increase libido and help you last longer in bed. In addition to this, safed musli also helps in the natural treatment of impotency. It can help you overcome signs of fatigue and low levels of energy. It can also treat a variety of other sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sperm counts. For men, this is the perfect supplement to promote sexual well being and sexual health.

In women, the herb improves secretion of milk in lactating mothers, acts as a nutritive tonic for young mothers, improves immunity and promotes sexual well being. If you are obese and are looking for an effective supplement that can help you get more from your diet and exercise, this herb will help you in that as well.

Our safed musli powder is made by selecting the best quality ingredients. These ingredients are then finely powdered by hand to retain their natural goodness. Finally, when it reaches you, this powder has enough goodness for it to be still among the most potent sexual supplements and has the ability to turn your sexual life around completely.