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Increase your penis size by 2-3 inches naturally. Xtra Large is India’s best selling product with proven results.

Buy one bottle of X-tra Large (60 capsules) for just Rs 3675 only. One bottle lasts one month.

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Do you want to increase your penis size? Are You Tired of leaving your partner dissatisfied in bed every night?
You are not alone. In fact, there are thousands of people all over the world who are unhappy because of their small penis size. The only difference between them and you is that you do not have to live with this problem. With Xtra Large Penis Enlargement Pills, the days of having unsatisfactory intercourse are behind you.

Highly effective and result oriented formula of Xtra Large Capsules gives you quick results that do not go away after stopping the treatment. This high strength formula contains some of the rarest herbs and precious natural minerals which are known for centuries for their aphrodisiac properties. A regular course of this medicine will help you achieve more strength, size and power. All this without any chance of any side effect. Yes! you heard it right. Xtra Large is completely natural and safe ayurvedic herbal product that is manufactured in state of the art modern manufacturing units under strict hygiene and quality control measures. Every bottle of this penis enlargement product undergoes stringent quality checks at several levels to ensure that the final product is completely safe and effective for use by the end customer.

xtra large penis enlargement pills

Ingredients of Xtra Large Capsules:

  • Ashwagandha Extract: 70mg
  • Kaunch Extract: 70mg
  • Safed Musli Extract: 70mg
  • Shatavari Extract: 50mg
  • Shudh Shilajeet Extract: 50mg
  • Talmakhana Extract: 50mg
  • Piper Longum Extract: 30mg
  • Akarkara Extract: 20mg
  • Gokshura Extract: 20mg
  • Lavang Extract: 20mg
  • Vidarikand Extract: 20mg
  • Trivanga Bhasm: 15mg
  • Yashad Bhasm: 15mg

Why do you need Xtra Large Penis Enlargement Pills?

panis size enlargementThe normal size of Indian men varies from 4-6 inches in normal state and 6-7 inches in erect state. Most of the women are comfortable with this size and enjoy their sex life but for some women these sizes are not sufficient and they complain of inadequate stimulation and less orgasm. If you are one of those who fall in the second category where your woman is not satisfied with the size you should use Xtra Large Capsules. Xtra Large is a very high potency penis enlargement product. The ingredients are extracted with double purification method to make it highly concentrated. This is the reason why xtra large gives you almost double the results as compared to other similar strength enlargement products.

Is it possible to enlarge the size of penis with Xtra Large?

Many people have a question in their mind – “Is it possible to enlarge penis size with pills or supplements?” The answer is yes it is possible. You can increase the size of your penis with proper supplements. You must be aware that your penis is made up of spongy muscular tissues, supported by ligaments and nerves and nourished by blood capillaries. There is no bony structure present in the penis. So, as with any other muscle or tissues in the body, muscles and tissues / nerves and capillaries in the penis also have the possibility to shrink or expand. With proper nourishment to the tissues we can see more growth and bulging while with improper nourishment and weakness of the nerves and capillaries we see shrinkage in the penis. Xtra Large with its best quality, highly concentrated herbal ingredients nourishes the penile tissues, increases the blood flow in to the fine capillaries and strengthens the nerves. Hence within a course of 2-3 months you see a substantial increase in size.

Are you satisfied being just a normal man with an average size or you want to be her super hero?

Choice is yours. The average size of penis is 5-6 inches and more than 85% of men have this size. As per a recent survey by one of the men’s health magazine almost half of the women accepted the fact that although they were satisfied with their partners but still they fantasised about a larger penis. 25% of the women who had sex with more than one person admitted of having enjoyed more with a man having larger penis than one with an average penis.

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Xtra Large Capsules help you gain up to 3 inches in length and girth in just 2-3 months. Try India’s top rated product which has benefited countless men just like you.

With Xtra Large Capsules, you can get enlargement in both length and girth. See the difference in a few weeks! These capsules are made of special ingredients and herbs that increase the blood flow to your genitals, resulting in stronger erections. This makes your erect penis larger than it was ever before. With an increase in length, a stronger erection also makes you last much longer in bed. This highly effective penis enlargement pill has worked for many people all over the world. The best thing is, all the benefits come to you without any side effects.

The results are usually quick (with small individual differences) and irreversible. So once you have gained a few inches and thickness, you can discontinue use safely, without having to worry about any withdrawals or reversal in size. Try these Xtra Large Capsules and see the difference it makes in both your sex life and your personal life too. A larger penis will certainly also be a huge confidence booster for you.

Dosage Instructions and Recommended Course of Treatment

The recommended dose is two capsules a day. One in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening after dinner. You can use both water as well as milk with these penis enlargement pills. For best results we recommend a course of 3 months. Please note that results do vary from person to person and you may have to adjust your dosage and course duration as per the individual requirements.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    These pills really worked for me. I also felt increase in my girth as well as strength and stamina. Great job done by these pills. I would recommend it to everyone having a smaller size.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jai Chand

    Great results. At first I was hesitant on this. But after searching online and doing some R&D I finally made up my mind to buy Xtra Large. I must say this was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. These pills work in real and I am quite impressed by their quality. Its been 1.5 months now since I started taking this. Lets see how much I gain in 3 months. I am having fingers crossed.

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