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Although we receive hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied, happy clients but due to privacy concerns only a few of them allow us to post their review online. The reviews and testimonials given below are of our actual customers who had used our products or services online as well as offline. We are thankful to all of them for letting us share their experience with the community.

Mahaveer Rana:

Unani medicines taken by Mahaveer Rana

Mahaveer Rana

Over the years, I have tried several different treatments, pills and supplements for my arthritis. I have found Ayurvedic Expert to offer the most effective and affordable package till now. Since it is manufactured in India, you know what you are getting. It has done a lot to help my joint pain. I have now been able to resume my work and I no longer feel very old and useless. I am feeling very nice overall.

Heidi Cohen:

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen

I was unable to get pregnant – no matter how hard I tried. We got ourselves checked and found that my husband had low sperm count. Then we discovered Dr. Zaidi’s Ayurvedic Expert and tried their package for low sperms. Not only was I able to conceive within 6 months, I have now found that I keep wanting more of him than I ever did before. It almost feels as if we have rekindled our relationship and are much stronger than ever before.


Sofia uses ayurveda medicines for her health problems


If any of you want to lose weight, this is the way to go. It helps you get to your dream size without having to go through painful surgeries. If you want to look beautiful and lose weight without any side effects, I would highly recommend Ayurvedic Expert.


Archana's health secret is ayurveda


My boyfriend had tried everything but could not gain any weight. We are so glad that he found Ayurvedic Expert’s package. This supplement is really different in the way they have helped my boyfriend. No side effects, no problems and their service is almost matchless.

Mukesh Verma:

mukesh verma gets cured by Indian herbal medcines

Mukesh Verma

I increased 3 inches in 10 weeks. Though they say that the product has to be used at least for 3 months, I saw visible results much before. When they guarantee results, they actually mean it. I feel more motivated in everything I do now. I feel confident and life is good. Discovering Ayurvedic Expert was the best thing that ever happened to me. The growth was even and proportionate and I did not end up feeling anything but completely normal and natural.

Shweta Sharma:

shweta uses ayurvedic medicines in India

Shweta Sharma

I love this supplement because it changed the way me and my husband have been with each other lately. It not only helped increase his penis size, but also increased his libido. He is much more interested in sex now and when we do hit the sack, we really enjoy our time together. All-in-one Sex Power package should be renamed as the miracle supplement!

Joe Pulizzi:

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi

I have type 1 diabetes and so I was always worried about taking male enhancement supplements. My sexual life was making me miserable, but I did not want to undergo a surgery. Then I spoke to someone over at Ayurvedic Expert to discuss their penis enlargement package. Their staff was polite and nice and their doctors were very convincing. So, with a lot of skepticism, I finally purchased their packaged and used it. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I gained 1.5 inches and have not experienced any side effects of health problems. Thank you Ayurvedic Expert!

Sumit Kumar:

Sumit kumar's testimonial for alternative medicine

Sumit Kumar

Life already has so much stress, add it to the stress of lovemaking and you have yourself a complete disaster. I found myself disinterested in sex and it was hurting my self confidence. Now, in 6 weeks, I no longer have nightfall. I feel much stronger now. Self confidence is coming back again too.

Mehnaz Khan:

Mehnaz Khan

Mehnaz Khan

I was plagued with pimples and acne. My parents were getting upset because they were not getting appropriate matches for me. Thanks to Ayurvedic Expert’s treatment for acne and pimples, my skin looks much better. No more ugly blotches and spots. It also helped me get rid of blemishes on my skin. I am getting married next month!

George K.Y:

George K.Y. Is an ayurvedic expert customer

George K.Y.

I was hesitant at first because I was not sure about Ayurveda. Then someone told me that it was one of the most scientific principles and not just some voodoo. I did some reading of my own and found out about Ayurveda. How wrong was I! I am so happy that I tried Ayurvedic Expert’s package for piles. It is simple to use and if you use it consistently, you will see results just as I did.

Sanveer Huda:

Sanveer Huda Testimonial

Sanveer Huda

Even if you get ahead in the corporate world, it does not guarantee personal satisfaction. I recently discovered, it was the love of a good woman that would indeed guarantee it. So I tried Ayurvedic Expert’s penis enlargement package and got exactly what I needed. Now I have success in my professional life and the love of a good woman in my personal life.

Mayank Trivedi:

Mayank Trivedi

Mayank Trivedi

Lately, I felt my wife was growing distant. When she told me why, I was shocked and embarrassed. The stress of my work was making me unable to perform in bed. Our sex life was really in shambles. All I can say is, thank you Ayurvedic Expert for giving me something both me and my wife will always be grateful for. Your supplements for erectile dysfunction actually worked wonders.

Kushal Pratap:

Kushal Pratap

Kushal Pratap

I did not want to live with psoriasis – after all, who would. The skin condition was bad enough for me to remain confined to my own room. I used to feel so low, I stopped talking to anyone. Even stopped going to regularly family gathers. Dr. Zaidi has helped me get a new hand on life and for that I will be grateful. Thank you!

Kuldeep Singh:

Kuldeep singh takes ayurveda herbal medicines

Kuldeep Singh

Doctors told me that at my age, diabetes is common. But for me and my family, it was a real concern. Fortunately, I found a completely natural, herbal and Ayurvedic solution to my problems. The supplements I took, along with some moderation in my personal life brought my sugar levels really low.

Ann Handley:

Ann Handley

Ann Handley

I met my boyfriend 3 weeks after he had started using Ayurvedic Expert’s premature ejaculation treatment. At that time, he was shy and often avoided getting into bed with me. 3 months later, he was no longer the shy boy he once was. Needless to say, we got married and are very happy together.

Nikita Pillai:

Nikita Pillai

Nikita Pillai

Ayurvedic Expert changed my life. I was struggling with obesity and no matter what I tried, I just could not get rid of the extra weight. My life was completely miserable. With Ayurvedic Expert’s natural supplements, I have been able to get a complete personality makeover. Thank you.

Jay Bear:

Jay Bear

Jay Bear

I am patient of vitiligo. I was having white patches over my neck and shoulders. As per my knowledge allopathic medicines have no permanent cure for this problem so I started trying various herbal options. Ayurvedic Expert’s specialized treatment has proved itself to be a very effective cure for vitiligo. I continued their treatment for nearly 9 months and I must say these nine months have changed my life. I no longer feel shy being in swim wear at a beach or in swimming pool. I am very happy with the results of these vitiligo supplements. I want to thank the makers from both me and my family.

Matt McGee:

Matt McGee

Matt McGee

No side effects! This was almost too good to be true. Both of us are so happy now. Thanks a lot for your All-in-one sex power package. I had used sooooo many herbal products available today in the market. Everything seemed to be working temporarily and i was not getting enough results. One fine day when I was searching on Google, I discovered this website. I was so fed up that I was just about to close it down but then suddenly I made up my mind and said, okay I will try this once more. Ordered this mighty package and to my surprise I started getting better and better with each passing day. I am so happy I gave it a final shot!

Stephanie Leffler:

Stephanie Leffler

Stephanie Leffler

Though I am proportional, my bust development was not very great. It did not matter to me before, but of late I felt unattractive. Dr. Zaidi’s breast enlargement supplements have helped me get better breasts naturally, without having to get implants. They prescribed me some gels and capsules which I took for 5 months. This treatment not only helped me gain size but I also felt more firmness and volume which feels really great. I am much more confident now and all my friends are still wondering how i got such a good figure! Secret!!!

Chirag Malhotra:

Chirag Malhotra

Chirag Malhotra

I didn’t know who to talk to about my hair fall. Male pattern baldness runs in the family and when I started losing my hair, I started preparing for the worst. Thankfully, I came across Ayurvedic Expert. Their treatment helped me fight my genes. I highly recommend any one suffering fro hair fall, must try their treatment once. In the past I had undergone several very costly treatments from homeopathic clinics and pharmacies but the actual results I got only with you guys. Thanks a lot.


  1. Sanjana Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m 39 yrs of age, female, vegetarian and weigh 110 kgs. I don’t have a big appetite (i eat fruits, vegetables, very less oily food, less ghee or butter) but every 3-4 months i see a sudden increase in my weight of 3-4 kgs. My periods are normal. My body most of the times seems bloated. I have got my thyroid, diabetes tested and test results are normal. Can you please suggest?

  2. Does xtra power gives prmanent relief .if it can cure problem permanent then definitely i would love to take kindly reply sir i am very eager to know and alng with xtra power capsule what would u suggest for low sperm count

    • Hi Zakir,

      Xtra Power is a wonderful medicine for sexual strength, stamina and endurance. It works permanently if used properly for at least 3 months or as recommended by the doctor. If you also have low sperm counts then you could use the low sperm treatment along with this. Please visit our online store and look for low sperms treatment package.

  3. Hello Sir, today I have received my all in one package, vide order no.9380, just want to know little, xlarge capsules consists of 60’cap, whether it should take with water or milk? After breakfast and in evening. And in that period of 1 month is there any restriction to what to eat or what to not eat, and for better results what should we eat?

    • Xtra large can be used with water as well as milk but you should take xtra power with milk only. Xtra large twice a day after breakfast and in the evening time. While xtra power can be taken after 1 hour of dinner with a glass of warm milk. There is no restriction on your diet. You can take almost everything.

      • Thanks for the opinion,

      • R u really give feedback to everyone….coz i tried many times to send message to u….bt dat alwaz says that ur message waiting for moderation….wht d hell is dis…..u should give ur feedback to everyone….

        • Dear sir,

          I try to answer as much comments as possible. usually people keep on asking the same question again and again. So if a similar question has already been answered I do not answer it again. You can browse the comments on your own to find your answer among the others that have already been answered. Time is limited and comments are in huge numbers. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. I am still unmarried at the age point of 30.I am very scared of being family is looking to get me married very soon but I am denying because of anticipating of my married life.I am always in deep thought whether I can satisfy my partner or not. because of this tension I have been taken to drinking and started to go to prostitutes to try my power.but have seen that my penis is not standing even after that lady become unclothed completely and touched my penis. I had to start mustarbating to get it stand.and after a while it stood up but even after it was very loose.there was no tightness and strongness .then I started penetrating my penis and doing it ups and down inside the vegina.but the concern is it got erected in within less than 1 minute.
    Please help me .I had messaged you many time but in return got no response. Suggest me how can I see your reply on my quiry .I have seen many reply on other quiry but not a single reply on my quiry or concern.

    • Hi Rakesh,

      Sorry for a late reply. You seem to be suffering from ED. You are suggested to try our Xtra Power Capsules to get complete cure from this disgusting problem. I can assure you that you will find it very helpful.

  5. Abdul haq says:

    Good morning Sir,

    I have read about you in the News paper and thought to consult and take medical advise on the Performance anxiety and sexual

    I am 48 married male with 4 children.

    I am not a diabetic.

    I am suffering from performance anxiety and early discharge during sex from the initial days of my marriage, 20 years ago.
    Since then I am using counter drugs and local ayurvedic medicines to satisfy my sexual life.

    My Problem is that, during foreplay I start to leak and during sex end up with early discharge.

    I feel a lot interest in sex by seeing or going near a women, but cannot satisfy women.

    The second thing is if I had first sex session then to get into second sex session will take more than 12 hours to again
    get inclined for going to sex.

    Kindly give your advise and medication and I am ready to bear the cost and your fees.

  6. Hello Dr,
    My husband age is 30 yrs he is facing PE problem since our marrige,many a times no sex desire,not ready to do sex for second time as it ejaculates within minute. The size of the penis is average but I think that it should be increase in length and grith. Not understanding which pacakage to order,please advise us.
    Thank you.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I m 41 yr old .I am taking your Xtra power & Xtra large capsules for past 2&1/2 month. it is really good, i feel better. But my penis enlarge result are a bit.what i can do for a fast result. pls suggest me. Thanking you.

  8. Hello sir,
    As I see that in the country box I don’t find Germany as option
    Can I know how can I purchase to my Germany address?
    Do u courier to Germany address?

  9. Dearsir:
    Is this extra large capsules make growth in penis for permanent or temporarily . Can we stop it taking if we get growth. Pls reply.Thank you

  10. sureshkannan says:

    Hello, sir
    my friend was24years old girl, weight 37kg, height 5’4 ft.
    Last 2months she’s takng honey and warm milk e every night b4 going to bed.
    Bt she didn’t get any chnge in her body.
    she really worried abt her weight.
    Pls dr. Help her.
    I really need ur suggeston ur help.

  11. Hi Sir,
    I am a 28 yr old married female.My height is 155cm and weight 72kgs.I have PCOD and hormonal imbalance problem.I want to reduce weight atleast 10-15kgs without dieting and much exercise.Will this medicine work in my case?is it safe to take this medicine while trying to conceive?

    • Hi Richa,

      Although it does not interfere with your chances to conceive at all but since you are suffering from PCOD I suggest you to consult a gynecologist first. Ayutrim can help you loose weight in any condition so you can use it without any problem.

  12. Hello Sir,
    I just wanted to ask that do you guys ship your products to Canada?
    I can’t find Canada under the country list when I go to shop online.

    Kindly let me know.


  13. Dr. Saleem Zaidi i recently bought ( Nil / Low Sperm ,Sexual Weakness / Low Libido ,Mucuna Pruriens Powder,Salab Misri Powder and Premature Ejaculation Treatment Package ). but i have not usage times.when to use what time shall i use.please can u tell me how i can use. i sahll be very thanks full to u.

  14. hello sir,
    iam 27 yrs oldand married , i am very much worried about my premature ejaculation situation which is from puberty and about my penis size, hard erction,no desire for sex for the second time.please help me to stay longer in bed for my wife.i am confused which treatment to buy, all in one or special premature ejaculation treatment..pease i am desperate..
    waiting eagerly for your reply

  15. Hello sir, One year before I use Viagra tablet for five day( continuesly).after few days my penis got shrinked and went to a doctor.he examined with few testings and says everything is thing fine. There after my flaccid size is keep shrinking and my erect penis getting lean. Even I took ayurvedic medicines for 8 months but unable to restore.My erection and sex are not as before.. I am depressed a lot.unable to stop shrinking. Plz help me to restore.

  16. क्या xtra large इस्तेमाल करने से पहले रक्त जांच कराने पड़ेंगे।

  17. Is this product available in UAE and saudi

  18. Hi, my dosha is pitta. I have GERD. I would like some help to lose weight. Which would be safe for me since I have GERD ?

  19. Rajendra Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a very serious addiction towards masturbation since last 10 years when I was around 14 years. This resulted in very sexual problems like PE and ED.Till last month, My masturbation frequency was around 15 times or more per month. I took Xtra power and safed musli from your store on and found that It is working well to my body. But the problem is that , due to my bad habit whenever I am masturbating once, I am observing that again the problems of ED and PE are occuring and it remains for next 6-7 days. So I want to know whether I should take any extra supplements with that medicine to stop this. I am trying my best for stopping masturbation and for last month, i did around 5 times. Now I am getting erection but not that much strong.

    My erection and performance is much better than before. But I want to get full satisfaction.


  20. Sir ,
    I am taking your Xtra power capsules for past 2 days. it is really good .Is it suitable for ladies?

  21. Gopinath Pawar says:

    My daughter have large skin problem,skin very very dry & this dry skin remove after every 2-3 weeks.Skin specialist said me that she have not protectable cells inside & also skin doctor said me that this problem solve after 15 year.

    • Hi,

      For proper diagnosis and treatment I suggest you send me an online consultation form and pay the required consultation charges. I will surely help you out. Do send the pics of patient too.

      • hi sir i have take penis capsules twice a day in xtralarge pills then i have one bad habbit that one tobbacco skills means tambakku is this penis capsules work or not told me saleem sir

        • Dear Basha,

          It is strongly recommended to stay away from all types of tobacco products. There will be no side effect if you use tobacco with xtra large capsules but this will reduce the efficacy of the product and the results will be slow.

  22. HARINDER says:

    Really your sex related products are too good
    I am taking xtra power capsules from last 3 week it a amazzżzing product

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