Worldwide Penis Size Survey. Where do we Indians Stand?

penis size by country

Penis Size by Country

Penis sizes are something that many men wonder about. How big is the average penis size? How to increase penis size? Does it affect intimacy? These questions are often something that many men struggle with. However, in India there is often the concern that their penis size might not be enough.

According to a recent country-wise survey from Averageheight, India ranks as the third-smallest country in terms of size, with the average penis size being about 10.24 centimeters, or a little over four inches long. In comparison, the average size of a man’s penis overall is about 5.54 inches in length, and about 3.11 inches of girth. India actually used to be lower in rankings too, being the second smallest, but they’ve worked up to being the third smallest in the world.

On the other side of the spectrum, the top ten countries in terms of penis size are the Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Venezuela, Lebanon, Hungary, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, and Sudan. These all tend to be more in the south American area of the world. Perhaps the climate there affects the size, along with the diets of the people. Of course, if you look at it, the other areas that aren’t located in south America are near the equator as well, possibly equating for the size to the climate as well. It’s debatable whether climate affects penis size, but it is possible that it might be a connecting factor.

The top five smallest penis sizes by country are India, Thailand, Cambodia, and north then south Korea, all around the 4-inch area. That means that the southern Asian countries tend to have smaller penises. Why might that be? Well, it could be because of diet and climate factors. Their diets aren’t very detailed, and they don’t eat too many nutritionally-dense foods, which could account for the reason why their penises might be smaller.

Factors to Consider

You might wonder if there are different factors that one can take when it comes to the size of the penis. Often, it is a genetic sort of issue, but there are some different factors that affect the size of the penis. Hormones are usually the main factor when it comes to the size and growth of the penis. Often, because of the conditions of food and such in various countries, and their lack of access to nutritional foods, it can affect the size of a penis. In comparison, with the United States being 96th on the map, the lower rank could be because of how many hormones are in the food.

Now, in order to have a larger penis, you need to have testosterone, and a lot of it. the more testosterone, the larger the penis. This is probably the biggest factor in it, and if you’re looking to isolate one specific factor in determining penis size, this could be the case.

However, lifestyle factors are definitely something else that could play a major issue. One of them is smoking it’s been found that men who smoke are actually in danger of reducing the size of their penis, and it is something that could be considered a statistically-proven factor. Now, if you do partake in that lifestyle choice, and you want to preserve your penis size, then do consider stopping this.

Another reason why the penis sizes for some countries are drastically different compared to others, as seen when looking at the top 10 countries and the bottom five, is also the size of the people. It is possible that the size of Congo men might be because they are taller and bigger than Indian men. However, it’s been found that the largest populaces of penises are found between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which might mean that the penis actually tends to be larger in warmer climates, likening it to the sizes of rabbit ears in the desert animals, which tend to be larger. Of course, this is all speculation. At the end of the day, you can look at the patterns of penis sizes, but this doesn’t tell an exact reason as to why the top ten and the bottom five countries are drastically different in size.

Penis size and Confidence

For many people, especially Indian men, there is that worry about self-esteem. The worry that your penis might be too small is often a huge factor in one’s self-esteem, and it could affect how a significant other views your penis. But is it really a factor? Well, that really depends.

Now, every single man has some form of low self-esteem because of the size of their penis, Indian men included. Sometimes, it’s because they see their men and feel like they’re less other times they might’ve been told that their partner isn’t happy with the size of a penis. But, is that always the case? More often than not, it’s a mental fear that is often put there, and it’s definitely something that is more of a mental worry than anything else.

For women, it really all depends. Some women do care about the size of a penis. Other women don’t care nearly as much. At the end of the day, it really does depend on this, and if your partner acts disappointed or rude towards the size of your penis, chances are that relationship isn’t going to last long.

However, one thing of note is that Indian marriages have a very low divorce rate. While it has doubled in urban areas in the last ten years, only about 1% of marriages have a divorce issue. This is actually one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Indian marriages are typically arranged, where the parents of both of the parties meet up, and they arrange for the two of them to be married. This is often a process where if the parents are happy, they get to spend time alone and make the decision. With Indian marriages and Indian men, this allows them to determine whether or not the penis size and how it affects sexual activities. If a man has a smaller penis, the woman will know from the get-go, and often, this will allow for simpler and healthier marriages.

Penis size, at the end of the day, can be a determining factor in the relationship that Indian men have with their partners, but there is also the main concern of how they can use it. Can they give the woman sexual pleasure? That is the main concern here. If a man can give a woman pleasure, that should be what matters. Even if his penis isn’t super large, remember that a woman’s cervix is only about 8 inches, and sometimes having one that is too big can affect the feeling of the sexual activity.

Penis size is something that is often argued about in many situations. For some people, they believe that the “average” sized penis is way longer than it really is. This is due to pornographic material, where often the men depicted there are considered much larger than average. It’s important to remember that porn isn’t real life, and often, those that are in the business do tend to have much longer penises. But of course, the perfect penis does vary.

In essence, it is something that varies from each person, even based on the country of origin. For anyone that is concerned about the size of their penis, especially Indian men, just remember that at the end of the day, the biggest factor in penis size is how you use it, how you can make a woman happy, and the sexual fulfillment that you can give to your partner and how they feel when it comes to the action of sex. That is the biggest concern, and should be the main concern.

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