Secrets about Weight Loss That Has Never Been Revealed For the Past 50 Years

weight loss secretsDo we need a reason to lose weight? Staying fit and healthy has always been the primary target of most of the people all over the world. Maybe you aren’t exception to that either!

But losing weight can be on the hectic journey of your life. Losing a few pounds is probably not a big deal but if you want to raise the bar, you’ll need to work a lot for that.

Although you can make it a lot easier if you know about all the secrets to weight loss. What? You already know about all of them? You might think that but even professionals tend to hide these awesome tricks to losing weight.

You’ll be amazed to know about these secrets about weight loss that has never been revealed for the past 50 years. So, let’s get on with it!

  • Eating Fat Helps To Get Rid Of Fat

As much as weird as it sounds, this is one of the hidden secrets of losing weight. But you have to look for the saturated fats as they tend to be bad for your body. Unsaturated fats on the other hand will surely help you get the perfect waistline of your dream.

These healthy fats are mainly MUFAs (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids) that help in reducing those stubborn belly fats. You can find MUFAs in avocados, olive oils or in nuts. Another kind of fat named PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) are also a great option for you to lose weight.

You’ll find PUFAs in different type of seeds and nuts. Fish oils are full of this healthy fat. This fat will boost your metabolism rather than slowing it down.

The best part about this fat rich diet is that, you’ll be full with fewer meals, which helps to balance the meal intake.

  • Chocolate Is Your Friend

Pretty sure, you’ve given up on chocolate to lose weight. But don’t worry, chocolate can actually help you out in your quest. You’ll just need to follow a simple trick. Go for dark chocolates that has minimum sugar.

Cocoa usually does all the work here. It’s full of antioxidants, and an everyday dose will surely help you lose weight. Try adding up chocolates without sugar or minimum sugar to your diet plan and you’ll see results pretty soon.

Cocoa is full of other nutrients that will also help you be healthy and have a flawless skin altogether. A great solution to all your problems.

  • Dairy Products Is Full of Benefits

Typically dairy products are labeled as really bad for your weight loss system, but it’s actually a myth. Most of the people see these products as sabotaging factor and think that consuming them will make them gain more.

But recent researches show that people who doesn’t have any proper intake of daily food suffers more from weight gain than those who has. If you stop eating these foods you’ll suffer from calcium deficiency which is far worse than anything else.

This deficiency causes a chain reaction and makes your more prone to store fat. On top of it, you’ll have no control over your appetite so you’ll keep eating more and more.

Restricting calorie intakes and switching it with dairy products will help you lose weight instead of gaining. So, add up milk, cheese or yogurt your diet to boost your weight loss.

  • Lose It Fast To Sustain It

It won’t actually matter if you lose your weight but can’t maintain it for long enough. If you’re tired of this constant losing and gaining weight, going nowhere at all, you should make a change in your process.

Studies have shown that, losing fat or weight faster is the best way to sustain it. After all, it’s the primary goal to shed a few pounds and keep it that way. That’s why if you’re having a hard time sustaining a healthy weight, lose it faster.

Hit the gym or go cycling or swimming. These are actually best ways you can lose your weight faster and effectively.

  • Only Exercising Won’t Help Much

If you’re thinking about eating normally and then hitting the gym to shed it off, then you’re in deep trouble. As easy as it sounds, it won’t go the way you are thinking.

When you do exercise or yoga to make up for the extra calories you’ll get hungrier and then you’ll eat more and again exercise to shed it and eat even more after that. It’s a chain reaction that can go for ages with the ultimate result of gaining weight.

So, if you think that only exercise is enough then you’re wrong. You have to also lose at your diet plans. Don’t go overboard with your eating. Eat a balanced and healthy meal to get rid of the pounds instead of gaining them.

  • Fidgeting Is the Key to Stay Thin

You ever seen people that eat all day long but still manage to stay thin? Ever wondered how they do it without any help where you are working hard but still can’t lose any? The answers simple, they fidget a lot.

Although it might be entirely subconscious but studies show that these people tend to move a lot and burn down those extra calories in the process.

It’s a great method actually. Doing your own work like washing dishes or clothes or any household chores will help you to be thin. These movements can burn more than 400 calories every day!

Clearly an easy way to lose weight without hitting the gym.

  • Same Workout Routine Doesn’t Help Much

Many people suffer from this problem. Even though hey are trying their best to lose weight but after sometime they don’t see any change at all. Doing the same workout everyday will help you lose weight in the beginning but your body will start to adjust to it.

So, after few sessions it won’t do any good and it will get to how it was. This can be really frustrating. That’s why you need to improvise your workout routine to make it work.

Nothing beats the short aerobic training. This training is consist of random workouts that impact for a short time but burns the most calories. They are usually pretty difficult for a first few sessions.

It works because your body never gets the chance to get used to them, you’ll always burn fat whenever you try them out.

  • Entertainment Will Help You Stay Healthy

This might come as a shock to you but watching TV or surfing the internet will actually benefit you in the long run. Obviously you won’t do it 24/7, but a certain amount is always healthy.

It’s because a life without entertainment becomes boring and stressful. And stress is the primary enemy of you weight loss. Excessive stress can really make you gain more weight. On the other hand, laughing will make you sustain a healthy life.

The trick behind this one is that, laughing causes a special hormonal secretion that contributes to fat burn. So, the more you laugh and be happy, the more you’ll be burning fat.

  • Overworking Your Brain Will Lead to Increased Appetite

Do you have a desk job? Normally these jobs tend to have less physical movement and more mental work. Studies show that, using up neurons or brain work leads to more increased appetite.

It’s because the neurons in our brains get their energy from glucose. So, the more we use them the more they crave for it. So, we end up eating a lot in the process. You can easily solve this problem.

Whenever you start craving food, go for one with zero calories or minimal calorie. Eating more fiber rich foods will make you full faster and you won’t even gain any weight. You can even try out foods that boost the metabolism. It’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone.

  • Drinking Wine Regularly Will Burn the Fat

Not saying that you should go overboard with the drinking. Too much drinking will have a bad side effect on your health and liver. That’s why a small dose of wine each day will be much more beneficial for you.

It actually helps boost the metabolism and keep your hunger at bay. The antioxidant rich wine prevents obesity and enhances the metabolism. Researchers found out that, people who drink occasionally or moderately tends to have a thin figure then those who don’t.

So it’s actually healthy to consume a small amount of wine every day to maintain the diet plan.

  • Some Sugars Are Actually Healthy

Eating large amount of sugar everyday will surely make you obese that’s for sure. It’s not a healthy life choice, it can really weaken your heart mussels in the long run.

But not every sweet item is bad for your health. Honey is actually the perfect substitute of sugar. If you swap all of your sugar intake with honey, you’ll not only lose weight but you’ll also get other benefits too.

Honey is really beneficial for our body. It’s rich with antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that helps to get rid of the excess fat and stay fit and healthy. If you have a blood sugar problem then it will get rid of it for sure.

  • Getting the Required Sleep Cuts Calories

Pretty sure you didn’t know about this one. Most of the people don’t care about how many hours of sleep they are getting. If you are trying to lose fat but can’t, lack of sleep might be the case.

Lack of minimal sleep affects the metabolism rate negatively making you more prone to gaining weight. That’s why you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily to keep your metabolism rate steady.

Losing weight can be a hectic job if you don’t know about all the tricks properly. Many professionals hide these secrets for their own gain and deprives you from their benefits. Now that you know about it, hopefully your obese days are over.


About Dr. Saleem Zaidi

Dr Zaidi is an Ayurveda and Unani medicine expert. He is the medical director at Rajshahi Healthcare and chief online consultant at Ayurvedic Expert. He has been studying, writing and speaking out about the effects of herbal medicines on various diseases for over fifteen years.

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